August 27, 2020

Find the ultimate virtual assistant for your business


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Our process – 1. Get to know you2020-11-22T22:13:49+00:00

We start every project by getting to know you.

We learn all about what you do and why you’re passionate about it.

We clarify your business goals – What you’re trying to achieve with your project and your brand.

Our process – 2. Do our research2020-11-22T22:13:25+00:00

Some of what we’ll do for you:

  • Evaluate your current setup to establish what’s working for you and what isn’t.
  • Research trends and expectations in your industry to ensure that you meet and exceed them.
  • Investigate your competition to find opportunities for you to excel in that competitive space.
  • Accurately profile your customers to ensure that you’re communicating with them effectively and providing the solutions they need.
Our process – 3. Prescribe a solution2020-11-22T22:12:52+00:00

After a thorough research process, we will prescribe a comprehensive solution for you.

This will be outlined in a project proposal detailing the package we’ve crafted to meet the needs of your project, enhance your brand and fit in with the overall goals of your business.

Our process – 4. Build, Test and Deliver2020-11-22T22:12:23+00:00

Once we get the go-ahead, we get to work building you the perfect software solution.

Then, we test it out thoroughly to make sure everything works as it should and meets all defined requirements

Finally, we deliver your product to you, so you can start enjoying the benefits.

The tools we use?2020-11-22T21:31:35+00:00

We believe in using the right technology and tools for the unique needs of each project.

This approach ensures that we build standards-based, cross-compliant, software – software that’s optimized to work on any operating system environment and show up consistently on any web browser.

Some of the technologies that we use include Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Swift, C++, Ruby and more.

How long it takes?2020-11-22T21:31:04+00:00

Every solution that we develop is custom-made just for you. As such, there isn’t a fixed time that every project will take.

Once we establish your project requirements we will give you a realistic estimate of the time frame within which we will complete it.

We work hard to ensure every project is delivered on time and on budget.

Let’s get started talking about your project.

What it costs?2020-11-22T21:30:30+00:00

We understand that you need to know what things cost so you can budget.

However, as every project is unique, there isn’t a fixed rate for any service.

Once we agree on the requirements for your project we will give you a written proposal with the estimated cost.

Our rates are fair and we work with clients with all kinds of budgets. And all clients get a free, no-obligation, consultation to discuss their projects.

Why do I need graphical content?2020-11-18T01:50:28+00:00

Powerful graphics, video & multimedia content can help sell your brand’s message.

People instinctively gravitate to graphical representations of ideas and concepts.

Those representations in the form of pictures, graphics, videos and other multimedia imagery and design elements help us understand and make better sense of the information being presented to us.

What makes using the right graphics so effective?2020-11-18T01:49:43+00:00

The nature of the human brain!

Long before humans began writing or using formal language, we used visual signals to communicate.

That natural instinct to decode images before textual content still holds true.

For digital products like websites and apps, scientific studies back up the power of images to immediately get our attention.

Many studies, using eye tracking software, have shown our eyes are immediately drawn to images on a web page.

Even when we ignore most of the text on a page, our eyes and brains always register the graphical elements.

Think about your own visit to this page.

Even before you read any of the text, you checked out all or most of the images, right?

However, to be truly effective such images must be relevant and appropriate for the context in which they are used.

What can we do for you?2020-11-18T01:48:27+00:00

We can put the power of imagery to work for you.

We produce high quality graphics and multimedia content to tell your story and sell your message.

We create graphical elements that are consistent with your identity and accurately reflect the image you wish to project for your brand.

From highly optimized logos, banners ads and graphics, to animations and video, we can provide all the digital imaging for your projects, branding and marketing campaigns.

Microsoft Power BI and Tableau2020-11-17T04:36:23+00:00

You will learn how to create and Share advanced Visualization and Business Insights using Power BI and Tableau softwares.

Python and R for Data Analysis2020-11-17T04:35:56+00:00

You will learn how to prepare data for analysis, perform simple statistical analysis, create meaningful data visualizations, predict future trends from data, and more!

Cloud Computing & Migration2020-11-17T04:35:01+00:00

You will learn the basics of cloud computing and Migration from on Premise to the cloud on AWS, Azure and GCP

Application Integration2020-11-17T04:33:58+00:00

You will learn trending Integration and Enterprise Service Bus tools including Mulesoft, IBM WebSphere and Dell Boomi

Computer Networking2020-11-17T04:31:29+00:00

You will learn about networking and network administration and prepare for industry leading CompTIA Network+ and CISCO CCNA certifications

Database & BI Development2020-11-17T04:30:52+00:00

You will learn how to design and develop OLTP and OLAP Databases. This class includes Microsoft T-SQL basics to Advanced as well as ETL Development using SSIS and Report development using SSRS

What is a database?2020-11-17T04:04:39+00:00

Databases are specialized software programs that are used to organize, store, manage and interact with all kinds of data quickly, efficiently and securely.

Databases are far more efficient at storing and manipulating all kinds of information than spreadsheets, like Excel, which some people use for similar purposes.

Databases can also refer to the data itself when it has been organized properly and stored in database software.

What kinds of data can I store in a database?2020-11-17T04:04:16+00:00

You can store all kinds of important business data in a database.

Employee information; customer data; the registered users of a membership-based website; product and service catalogs; accounting records and a lot more can all be stored in databases.

Do I need a database?2020-11-17T04:03:50+00:00

Does your business use data of any kind on a regular basis?

Do you sell any products or services?

Do you have a product catalog or inventory?

Do you have customers?

Do you have data that you are trying to sort, manage, organize and make sense of?

Are you planning a data-driven website?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then you will need a database.

All but the simplest of websites, web applications or mobile apps require a database.

Additionally, legal or government regulations might require that you keep a proper database with records of your business activities.

What are the benefits of databases?2020-11-17T04:03:01+00:00

Well-built databases help you efficiently store, manage, access and secure your important data so that it’s always available and accessible when you need it.

Databases also provide tools that make it easy for you to make sense of your data and effectively use that information to make important business decisions to positively impact the success of your business.

What kinds of databases are there?2020-11-17T04:02:29+00:00

There are all kinds of database systems. Relational databases and NoSQL databases are two popular types of database systems.

Oracle, SQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis are some examples of database software products.

What is database design?2020-11-17T04:02:02+00:00

Database design is the art of building fast, efficient, reliable and secure databases.

When experienced database design professionals build your database system for you, your business can truly reap all the benefits that databases can provide.

What databases do you work with?2020-11-17T04:01:33+00:00

We work with all of them and can implement the best system that your project requires.

Our database team has astounding experience with all the major database products on the market.

How can I get a database?2020-11-17T03:58:53+00:00

Work with us!

When we build your website, web application or mobile app, we build all the databases you will require.

We also provide all the tools you will need to access and manage the databases on a regular basis.

If you have an existing setup – web or mobile infrastructure – and need to add database functionality to it, we can build a database solution as an extension to the system you have in place.

We can also help you migrate to a more efficient or robust system with minimum downtime or costs.

What will we do for you?2020-11-16T01:23:13+00:00

We start with an SEO audit to see where you are currently.

Then we map out a strategy to get you to rocket up the search engine results pages.

We implement that strategy.

We closely monitor and measure your results and continuously retool and strategize.

We also educate and equip you with lots of tools and resources that you can start to implement on your own on a regular basis as you create and publish new content.

Should I work with a professional SEO firm?2020-11-16T01:21:53+00:00

There are many reasons to do so, among which is, the algorithms that search engines use constantly change.

SEO professionals keep up to date with all these changes and can use sophisticated tools and analytics to ensure that you are getting measurable results.

There are many different variables that you must continuously monitor, track and test.

More importantly, a lot of what goes into SEO cannot just be simply automated and run on auto-pilot.

The time and effort you’d have to spend keeping track of Google algorithms and other variables that impact your search rankings could be spent focusing on your core business.

Do I always need to do SEO?2020-11-16T01:20:14+00:00

Yes. SEO is a continuous process.

Search engines continually revise their algorithms. Your competitors also are continuously optimizing their content and websites to get to the top.

However, there are periods when you watch and measure your SEO activities to see what’s contributing to the results you’re getting.

Then you can retool and restrategize accordingly.

How long do the results last?2020-11-16T01:18:47+00:00

Search rankings and positions aren’t static.

A simple change to an algorithm that is used by a search engine can cause a dramatic change in search rankings, sometimes overnight.

That is why continuous monitoring of both a website’s search rankings as well as the latest rules from the search engines and SEO trends is crucial.

How long will it take to get to the top of the SERPs?2020-11-16T01:15:51+00:00

SEO is not an instantaneous, one day quick and easy fix.

Getting to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) requires consistent work with a deliberate strategy, careful execution and an eye for the long term.

Anybody that guarantees an overnight rise to the top of Google search listings or any other search engine is selling an unattainable dream.

What are the benefits of SEO?2020-11-16T01:14:48+00:00

The benefits of effective search engine optimization include:

  • Improved search engine rankings.
  • Increased targeted traffic to your website.
  • Improved leads generation for your business.
  • Improved visibility for your business.
  • Higher click through rates: the higher you show up in the rankings the more likely it is that a search visitor will click on your page.
  • Increased conversions and sales.
  • Increased revenues.
Why is SEO important?2020-11-16T01:13:22+00:00

Millions of new websites and web pages appear on the internet every single day.

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, as most people depend on search engines like Google to find websites like yours.

Depending on the type of business, search-engine-directed traffic accounts for anywhere from about 50 to 90 percent of all visits to a website.

Sales leads from SEO have a 20% close rate while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.

Most search users only click on the first few search results returned by a search engine.

Your website and pages must come up high in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for your site to get any real traffic from the search engines.

Without effective and continuous search engine optimization of your website and pages, your business runs the risk of getting lost on the internet.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?2020-11-16T01:10:25+00:00

Search engine optimization describes the many different – constantly changing – strategies you need to implement to improve the rankings of your web pages in the popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Internet users rely on these search engines to find businesses like yours on the internet.

What else can we do for you?2020-11-16T01:39:43+00:00

Besides building your app, we can help with the following:

  • Establishing a strategy for your app.
  • Marketing and promoting your app.
  • Monetizing your app.
  • Improving discovery and visibility of your apps in the app stores with app store optimization.
  • And much more.
How can I get a mobile app for my business?2020-11-16T01:11:26+00:00

Work with us!

Whatever ingenious idea for an app you have, we can help you build the app of your dreams.

We build mobile apps of all kinds for businesses like yours.

We specialize in apps built to work on both Android and iOS – the leading mobile platforms right now – as well as other platforms.

What kinds of mobile apps can I build?2020-11-16T01:38:30+00:00

You can build any kind of app.

Your app could be a general utility app that anybody, anywhere, could use. Task managers, organizers and games, are some examples.

It could also be an app that helps your customers engage more directly and intuitively with your business to consume your products or services.

Apps that help to increase the productivity of your staff, whether they are in the office or on the go, are also great ideas.

As we increasingly spend more time on our smartphones, mobile apps can be a wonderful way to extend your business reach.

The most important thing is that it fits into your overall business strategy and brings value to your business.

What are mobile apps?2020-11-16T01:37:20+00:00

Mobile apps are software programs that are built and optimized to run on mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets.

Apps are designed to provide focused solutions to accomplish specific tasks while using these devices.

Most apps are built around the idea of doing one thing or a few related things exceedingly well.

You need a website. We build them.2020-11-16T01:53:38+00:00

All kinds & all things related

  • Responsive website design
    • Flexible, shape-shifting, websites that adapt to fit every device that they are viewed on.
  • E-commerce website design
    • Websites built from the ground up to sell your goods and services online.
  • Web app design & development
    • Powerful software programs to extend your business functions and processes online.
  • Content management
    • WordPress, Drupal, October & more. Create, manage and publish all your digital content.
  • Webmaster services
    • A unique service to take the work of maintaining an active website off your hands.
Your website design is critical. Get it done right2020-11-16T00:57:22+00:00

You can’t afford to go wrong with the design of your website.

Your web presence is a critical part of your business set up.

It is the face of your business on the internet, accessible to the whole world.

If you have a poorly designed website – or none at all – the credibility of your business is called into question.

Potential customers and business partners will form opinions of you based on your website.

That’s why you must ensure that the impression people get of your business is a positive one.

Don’t let a poorly designed website cost you business.

Get the benefits of professional website design2020-11-16T00:57:57+00:00

When your website is built right, by professionals, it should be able to do the following for you:

  • Help you stay in contact with your customers.
  • Support your marketing efforts.
  • Get your business found easily on search engines.
  • Increase your sales leads, conversions and revenues.
  • Help you provide 24/7 customer service.
  • Improve the image of your brand.
  • Increase your reach, making your goods and services available to a global market.
  • Increase your availability. You can continue to offer services and support long after you have closed your physical doors for the day.
  • And so much more.

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About the author : Habesha Ads

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